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Chimney Problems


Chimney Problems

There are many problems associated with masonry chimneys. From faulty crowns to worn out flashing, these problems need to be addressed when they arise. 




  • Worn-out flashing. Worn out flashing will often present itself as a stain at the wall/ceiling junction in front of the chimney. Pin holes will develop in the step flashing resulting in slow leaks. Picture of rusted terne chimney flashing.
  • Cracked or damaged chimney crown. A cracked chimney crown can allow water directly into the fire box, down the flue, or into voids in the chimney. Problems with crowns can show up as rivlets of water flowing down the surface of the chimney inside the attic, stains in ceilings below, or water dripping from the fire box. 
    • Picture of a new chimney crown
  • Repointing
  • Loose bricks
  • Lack of chimney cap

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