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Leaking Roof?

Leaking Roof?

If you have a leak in your roof, click here. Whether you have a leak in your slate roof, shingle roof or flat roof, we have the experience to solve most problems.

There are thousands of slate roofs throughout our region. Many of these roofs are unnecessarily replaced each year. There are many slate roofs that do need to be replaced and are beyond serviceable condition, but there are many more with minor leaks and problems that can be fixed. 


Often, the repairs are as simple as replacing broken or damaged slate. Frequently, problems are also associated with worn-out flashing. More often, the cost of replacing worn out flashing is far less than replacing entire roofs. Just because your roof is old, it does not mean it needs to be replaced.  For a no-obligation, free estimate, to determine if your problem is repairable, call us at (410) 889-7391 or (301) 654-1312.

Common causes of a leak in a slate roof:

All of these problems can be isolated and properly fixed. (meaning not patched, glued, caulked, or coated)

 Picture of a common source of leaking slate roofs: vent pipe flashing

Vent Pipe Flashing

Thomson Slate Roofing, the "roofing" side of Thomson Remodeling Company, Incorporated, specializes in the repair, maintenance and replacement of slate roofs.

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